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We aim to capture your true style, be bold, be daring, be natural, be YOU! We make sure to guide you in your make-up choice to make you look your best & emphasize your natural features


C CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! Super exciting times ahead!

We LOVE weddings and basically any other special occasion to do what we love, and that’s to make you look fabulous. We only use professional make-up to ensure your look will last the whole day. Our team of pro make-up artists will really listen to your needs to ensure we leave you feeling and looking like a superstar.

Skin & Colour Analysis

Good skincare= flawless make-up. The skin analysis offer invaluable skin care advice that will leave your skin clear and your face glowing. We believe that healthier, more beautiful skin starts with a consultation of your skincare essential health needs.

Why do I need it?

Healthy skin starts from inside. You need to ensure that you get enough sleep, drink lots of water and avoid junk food prior to your wedding to ensure that your skin looks healthy and glowing. We know make-up artist can do wonders, but remember even if they can do their magic, it is you responsibility to ensure your skin looks good on your wedding day. And when you follow our recommendations we assure you that with your great skin and our stunning make-up you will look gorgeous and like a blushing Bride on your wedding day.

Professional Bridal Make-up Trial

Please note: This is where time is spent to ensure optimal results on the wedding day. The bride & make-up artist knows exactly what is expected and what the outcome will look like. Pictures of examples are more than welcome!)

Why do I need it?

So that you can physically see what you will look like on your special day and that we can tweak and play around to see what looks best on you. Please remember that this is YOUR wedding day and YOU need to be happy with your look, however we’ve been in the industry for 10 years and we will make recommendations to enhance your look. Please also remember that your make-up creates the canvas for the photo’s and you are paying a pretty penny to have the best photographer capture your special memories. It just make sense to have a great make-up artist set the canvas for those pretty pictures! So if your make-up is too light, not blended correctly, using a warm foundation on cool skin tone to mention but a few problems, you will look like a washed out bride. And we know what we’re talking about, because the founder of Style Productions, Yolandi also have a Diploma in Photography. She shares this knowledge and sets these high standards to her team of professionals to know what’s required for you to look your best, however when you walk out the door you need to feel pretty! Don’t spare our feelings, we know taste differ, be honest if you would rather go with another colour/ lashes/look, whatever, we are here to suit your needs.




(done at Style Studio)

  60 min.



(at your venue)

  60 min.



  45 min.



   40 min.



   40 min.



   40 min.


FLOWER GIRL (aged 1-5)

  20 min.


FLOWER GIRL (aged 6-10)

  30 min.


FLOWER GIRL (aged 11+)

  40 min.



  10 min.




Do you come out to the venue?
AYes, we do travel to your required destination where you will be getting your hair and make-up done.

PLEASE make sure to provide us with the correct details of the venue where you will be getting ready. Sometimes it’s another location than your actual wedding venue. We do however charge a travel and call-out fee of R4.50/km.

How much do your charge to travel?
AWe charge R4.50/km to your venue and back.

Example 70km x R4.50 = R315.00 x 2 (Both ways) TOTAL R630.00

Where do we do the trials?
AWe do our trials at Headrush Hairdressing, 848 hertzog str, C/O Hertzog & 22nd ave, Rietfontein, Pretoria. You will have to travel to us for the trials but on the wedding day you can sit back and relax we will come to you.
When do we do the trials?
AOur fav question. You are more than welcome to make a appointment anytime during the week. PLEASE note we do not do trials on weekends because like yourself there’s another bride getting married that we need to beautify! IF FOR some reason there’s an open space we will let you know, but PLEASE don’t set your heart on this as your chances are very slim.

1.PLEASE schedule your appointments accordingly and plan ahead to maybe fit your dress on the same day as your trials or do your e-shoot on the same day as your trial…RELAX we already know what your thinking, then everyone sees my look for the wedding. No we promise to let your hair hang loose or alter your look a bit so that you look different but can still benefit from having your hair and make-up done professionally.

2. PLEASE have all your accessories ready (beads, flowers, hair pieces, frills, tiara’s, clips, veil etc) that need to go in your hair. On the day of the trial we spend time to ensure you and our team knows where all the details go. It’s also a good idea to have your wedding dress before your hair trial because if you have a lot of detail on your back or shoulder, we need to see what looks best with your vision in mind and style to flatter your features and show off your dress perfectly.

3. It’s a good idea to come and visit us at least 3 months in advance, so that we can do a proper skincare consultation. The reason for this is so that we can tailor a package that suits your budget for essential facials and other beauty treatments to look your absolute best on your wedding day. You already spend a fortune on all the other details, PLEASE DO NOT NEGLECT yourself and think this is just pampering. Well yes you deserve it because there’s a trillion arrangements that needs to be done and no- it’s practical so that we keep your skin intact and help you to maintain your glow. Too often we’ve seen brides that just looks exhausted, and your skin is your biggest organ – it’s shows!

4. Your trial can be done anywhere from 3 months to, literally we had it, 1 week before the wedding.

What make-up products do you use?
AWe make use of professional make-up for lasting results, therefore we use MUD Cosmetics, MAC, Ever Beauty, Inglot, Bobbi Brown so that we ensure brides look will last throughout the day into the evening.

So whether you dare to be different, prefer polished and professional or simply want an all-natural look, our promise is quality, long-lasting wear ability, flawless application and radiantly accurate colour.

What hair products do you use?
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What time will you arrive?
AWe discuss a time schedule and wedding day logistics with you when you come for your trial. but to give you a indication for planning purposes. If you are getting married at for example 15:00, we will have you ready 1h30 minutes before your church ceremony. WHY? You may ask, it’s because you firstly need to time to dress, and yes we’ve seen some extreme dresses that take a while to get into and just plainly you don’t won’t to be rushed and sweaty and then step into your dream dress. So yes we leave time for that. And then you need time to fiddle to get all the layers “straightened” out and tuck and pull and when you have a open back that needs to be laced, there needs to be time for all of this and most often we find that brides under estimate how quickly time flies on this day. Above and beyond everything your super talented photographer that you have spent quite a penny on, needs TIME, TIME, TIME to capture those pretty poses that we in the industry call bridal portraits, (photo’s of you alone, with your mom and bridesmaids, with your perfume, your jewelry, all the prettiness you spend countless hours on deciding what will suit your look) and the we work the time back from there to fit everyone in.
What time will you leave?
AWe leave once everyone is made up so that there is enough time like explained above to get dressed and have your photo’s taken. The photographer need space and a clean room so we pack up so that the photographer can do his/her magic for you.
Are you working alone in a team?
A Depending on the amount of people that require our services, we work in a team. So you can just let us know how many people is in your retinue and we will work out the logistics of how many stylists there will be to have you ready on time.
Do you do African / Indian / other skin types make-up?
AYes we definitely love our African queens and beautiful Bollywood babes. The make-up we use have 2 different foundation palettes, one for cool undertones (that has more blue pigment in) and one for warm undertones (which have more yellow pigment in) to exactly match your skin tone perfectly.
Will I look ashy?
ANo we promise you won’t look ashy as we use correct powders to set make-up and like explained above the correct foundation for your skin tone to ensure optimum results. But if you have a very trusting product that you use and you swear by it, please bring it along so that we can see if we can use it or not. You are more than welcome to bring make-up along that works for you.
How many people can you manage?
AWe have a few artists available, therefore you can just let us know how many people would like to get their make-up and hair done professionally and we will sort out the logistics of how many stylists there needs to be.
Do you only do hair and make-up for weddings?
ANo we do hair and make-up for any special occasion. If you want to look glamorous for an evening out, a work function or going for a photo shoot, we have you covered to look your best.
We are guests of a wedding, will you be able to do our hair and make-up?
A We had requests from guests flying in to weddings and that we actually went to the wedding but did hair and make-up for the guests and not the bridal party. So yes if we aren’t booked we can accommodate you. If you are guests at the wedding that we do the bridal party we will accommodate you if the bride requests this, as she and the bridal party is our first priority, but we also had wedding that we included other family member that wasn’t part of the bridal party. We just need to make arrangements for this.
Do you need a deposit?
A Yes we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure and reserve your date.
Why do you need a deposit?
A We get booked months in advance so therefore we require a deposit to reserve the date for you, we cannot pencil in weddings on maybe or maybe not. We need a deposit along with a signed make-up and or hair agreement to know you really want our services and we need to book the date out for you.
My budget doesn’t allow for “expensive” hair and make-up, could you lower your prices?
AWe understand that weddings get expensive, fast, however if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. We are international professionals and trained and practiced over many years to get our artistic eye right and to ensure you look your best. We know budgets are tight, but we promise you will love your experience with us and you will look smashing on your wedding day. So ask your bridal party to club in and pay for themselves to save you money but you still get the service you really want.
Do I, as the bride, need to pay for everyone getting hair and makeup done?
AWe just popped this question in here because we KNOW you are thinking it, but too shy to ask. And the answer is NO you do not have to pay for everyone. If you let your bridal party know in advance that you want everyone to be spoiled and look fabulous on your wedding day, we are sure that they won’t mind to put money aside for this. Let’s face it you have a trillion other expenses to cover and if they can at least pay for themselves it lightens the load a little bit. And now you may wonder maybe they should just do it themselves. We won’t suggest this because you are paying a lot for your photographer and the photos also looks better if everyone is professionally made up.
Do you need mirror and plugs?
AYes please, we need them to do our work efficiently and effectively.
My friend will also do make-up/hair, will this bother you?
ANo this will not bother us, however we will send you a time schedule when we need who and we strictly stick to this schedule to ensure everyone is done on time. So please make arrangements accordingly that we have the people in our seats on the allocated time given by us. We have had that one bridesmaids need to get for example her make-up done by us but she is doing the bridal parties hair, this can sometimes be tricky to coordinate to have everyone done, because she needs time with them and we need time with them and we need to do her make-up as well that also takes time. So rather if you can, let everyone relax on the day and have us do all the work.
Do you have a touch-up kit?
AYes we can discuss a touch-up kit at your trial run so that you can look fresh throughout the night.

En weereens baie dankie vir my amazing make-up en dat jy my soos 'n prinses laat voel het.

Elrine Hugo
And once again, thank you my amazing make-up and for making me feel like a princess.

Ek het soos 'n prinses gevoel en dis alles tedanke aan jou.

Theonet Joubert
I felt like a princess, all thanks to you.

Yolandi en haar spanby Style Productions is werklik amazing!!!

Tanya Farmer
Yolandi en haar spanby Style Productions is werklik amazing!!! Hulle het my op my mooiste laat voel en lyk op my groot dag!!!

Hulle help nie net met grimering en hare nie, maar met elke klein dingetjie van die dag, hulle gee werklik om oor die bruid se gemoed en geluk!

Dankie Yolandi, vir julle wonderlike diens en AL die liefde en omgee!! Ek en elkeen van my geliefdes het dit ongelooflik baie geniet en waardeer!

Debbie Halliday
I hope you are well.. I’m sorry this is so late, but I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service and attention to detail.

You made me feel and look like a princess and for that I am truly grateful. 

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